Obama’s Speech On Election Day Eve — Nov 2nd, 2020

4 min readNov 3, 2020
Barack Obama giving a speech in Georgia. Source.

Following the speech given on Oct 21, 2020, in Philadelphia, Barack Obama launched into a fiery speech, at an unscheduled Georgia rally on Nov 2nd, 2020.

Obama’s ability to give a speech is unparalleled, however this post-presidency speech is unique because of the lack of “political correctness”. He sounds more genuine and candid than he would as POTUS. He isn’t concerned about making unscripted jokes and casual language:

Look, Georgia could be the state. Georgia could be the place. Where we put this country back on track. And not just because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have the chance to win, but you got the chance to flip two senate seats? Well, I said I gotta go. I gotta come. I told Michelle, I’m sorry baby. I got to goto Georgia.

He goes on to call out specific senators:

Let’s face it, you got two senators that badly need to be replaced…they got briefed [about COVID-19]…your two senators were publically telling you that the virus would be no big deal. But behind closed doors, they were making a bunch of moves in the stock market. To make sure their portfolios were protected, instead of making sure you were protected. Man, that’s shady. That ain’t right.

He mentions Jon Ossoff and Reverend Warnock, who Obama hopes will replace the existing two senators in Georgia.

Jon Ossoff, Reverend Warnock, running for the 2020 senate special election in Georgia. against David Purdue.

Obama calls Purdue a “chicken”, and that “the scariest Halloween costume Purdue saw, was Jon Ossoff in a debate”.

Reverend Warnock, running for the 2020 senate special election in Georgia, against Kelly Loefer.

Rev. Warnock is a preacher, who grew up in public housing with 11 brothers and sisters. His mother picked cotton. In the face of adversity, he managed to graduate from college, using the help of tuition grants…


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