How to Get 60Hz on a 4K Monitor Stuck at 30Hz | Win 10 | Macbook Pro 4K@60FPS On External Monitor

2 min readApr 17, 2021

1. Does your monitor support it?

Make sure that your monitor is rated for 4K 60Hz. Check the official specification for your model.

2. Does your graphics card support?

Most integrated graphics cards, i.e. Intel HD Graphics don’t support 4K at 60Hz. Typically dedicated graphics cards after 2016 support 4K@60Hz, but be sure to check your specifications.

3. Does your cable support 4K?

Not all HDMI or DisplayPort cables are the same. Ensure that your cable is rated for 4K@60FPS.

4. Does your port support 4K?

I have an old laptop with a dedicated graphics card, but the port is HDMI 1.4. You need a minimum of HDMI 2.0 in order to output 4k@60Hz, or else you will be locked in at 30Hz. Check your laptop/PC specification to be sure.

5. Update your monitor’s drivers

Most of the popular monitor brands have an update tool on the manufacture's website. Make sure you have the latest drivers.

NOTE: See this list of issues with M1 Macbook Monitor support.

6. Update your graphics card drivers




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