I'm a junior dad, an intermediate husband, and a senior software engineer.

I have dreams of leading a successful startup, or at least having significant passive income, so I can enable amazing experiences for my family. I have a secret desire to own a Kia Stinger one day, but not until I feed a village in rural Sri Lanka first.

I'm one of those self-help, ambitious types. I try to counter-balance that by staying philosphical, focusing on work-life balance, and recognizing that health is wealth.

I started writing because writing helps me think. I can only crystallize my thoughts once they are forced to be slowed down from the speed of thought to the speed of text. I think of writing as a funnel for my thoughts.


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Most of my writing is about software. I enjoy summarizing and analyzing books and self-help videos. I am senior software consultant at LazerTechnologies.com.