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Are you seeing this error after running git push

Note that 403 means is an HTTP code that means forbidden. It implies that your URL exists, the server is working, but there are some access/permission…

I was recently contacted by someone using a fake Facebook profile:

How do I know this is a fake profile?

1. Picture is of a female model

Fake profiles often use a photo of a female model to bait unsuspecting men and women into accepting friend requests. The pictures are usually found on Google. …


  • Allows clipboard copying
  • Allows for more than two computers
  • Don’t need to press any buttons, each time you want to switch from one PC to another
  • Any networking event that changes the server’s IP address requires all clients to manually have to update their settings
  • Spotty connections, especially over Wi-Fi…

In your Typescript project, you should have your ESlint configs in either .eslintrc (more likely), or package.json (less likely).

To disable an ESLint rule on a single rule, you can…

Initial Setup

Here is an example of how to connect Premiumize with RClone. First we need a reference to our cloud drive on Premiumize. We call a reference to a cloud storage connections a remote.

  1. Start rclone config

The initial setup for Premiumize involves getting a token from Premiumize, which…

Normally, when you upload a file from a client, the file gets sent to the application server, which then passes it on to S3.

However, what if your server can’t handle the influx of files…

For other Typescript newbies like me that want to understand why this is happening — it’s because the `v4()` function is exported in the ‘uuid’ source code, which means we…


  • i7
  • RTX 2060
  • 16GB RAM
  • SSD


  • Excellent cooling system. Mining bitcoin at 100% GPU usage for several days straight, and I haven’t see the GPU temp go above 70C. With turbo fans on, temp usually around 65C. Compared to my ASUS ROG which is around +80C.
  • Turbo Button. A zero-effort…


Most of my writing is about software. I enjoy summarizing and analyzing books and self-help videos. I am a full-time software engineer.

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